About us


About Us

RAJVEETA LEARNING FOUNDATION was formed on 28th September, 2022, but the center was running under the name of New Vision Learning Center from December, 2021.

We wish to brief you on our motto behind establishing this center for special needs children in Mulund. In the midst of the COVID Pandemic, a then running school in Mulund for Special Needs Children closed down and the students had nowhere to go. Some of the teachers and volunteers associated with that school decided to form their own center. With individual and collective efforts, this center was formed in December, 2021 under the name of New Vision Learning Center.

After collaborating and taking guidance from others established in such activities, we have formed an NGO under the name RAJVEETA LEARNING FOUNDATION on 28th September, 2022.

Our Mission

Our mission shall be to improve the quality of the life of people with disabilities and develop the maximum potential to enable them to become self-reliant and provide them with the opportunities for a full and happy life..