Give A Helping Hand For The Differently Abled Children

We cater to students who need special education due to learning difficulties, physical disabilities and behavioural problems.

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Services For The Differently Abled Children


Rajveeta Learning Foundation

RLF works for the educational and functional needs of the differently abled children. We ensure that all children receive a holistic learning experience which is crucial for their development.

Our teachers scrutinize the students’ skills and determine their educational needs. Teachers teach and mentor students as a class, in small groups and also on a one-on-one basis.

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How We Work

We cater to students who need Special Education due to learning difficulties, physical disabilities and behavioural problems. We provide support to students through Individualized Education Plan, as well as improving communication and social skills.

We have good staff and resources to provide appropriate education for children with special needs.

We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone


What Parents Say

The center has passionate, honest, skilled and supportive mentors who have a strong and positive impact on the student's attitude and personality.

My son, Bhargav Varaganti is a Special Child. I have got him enrolled in Rajveeta Learning Foundation. I feel his future is in safe hands. Rajveeta Learning Foundation has experienced and dedicated teachers who go that extra mile to make my son Bhargav learn in a simple manner. They break down the information to smaller units for better understanding.
2. They give instruction in a manner that the concept is clear. They also make him practice regularly to ensure that he has understood what is being taught to him.
3. Teachers teach him in a simple way by using placards and educational items. They ensure that the communication is more interactive between student and teacher.
4. Occupational therapy, speech therapy and fine motor therapy are done regularly to bring out the best in him.

Mahesh Varaganti

Rajveeta Learning Foundation is a very good learning center for people with Special Needs. My 20 year old daughter loves to go to the center everyday. Teachers engage all students in different activities on a daily basis. Students learn self caring skills and overall development is taken care of by the teachers. Supporting staff are very humble and take a lot of care of all the students.

Mrs. Minal Momaya

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